Mapbox and models

It’s all going pretty well so far. No major hurdles.

I’ve created the RoutePlan and User models as well as several of the key pages, /plan/[id] and /routes. When a user clicks the route planner button it creates a new route for them and redirects them to the /plan/[id] page. I’m glad to have gotten everything working so quickly. The express server and all of the endpoints are functioning as expected.

Plan page map

I’ve successfully integrated the Mapbox Map into the /plan/[id] route and I can plot markers on the map.

The next step in the process is to set up all of the functionality so that all of the waypoints are saved on that specific route. Then I will use Mapbox’s directions API to get the optimal cycling route between each of the waypoints.

I still think I’m on track to emulating the core functionality as Komoot on their web app. There are a few things I’m not 100% sure about like their elevation profile at the bottom, but I’m still pretty sure I can build the rest.

Plan page map

Los gehts.