Reversing the order of waypoints

Yesterday I implemented some functionality to allow the user to reverse their route.

The initial waypoint is kept the same but the rest of the route is reversed.

This can be quite useful, say if you want to go a particular direction because of a headwind or tailwind at a given time of day.

This morning I am going to implement some functionality on the frontend to toggle the display of the side nav and bottom elevation nav.

I have few ways in mind to make this work.

  1. make the higher order component that contains practically the whole page a client component and keep the toggle step there and pass the state + state handlers down.
  2. Use a client side state management provider to store the state globally.

I think in this case I want to practice using an alternative to Redux like Zustand. I’ve heard good things about Zustand from the developer community and I never liked Redux, as I always found it to be unnecessarily confusing. However… so many companies require Redux experience and it’s been a few years since I had to use it. Maybe I’ll actually implement both for this and see which one is better.